Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 22 - Another Lonely Christmas - Prince

In late November, as I lined up some of the songs I intended to add to the calendar, there were none - well, perhaps one, I'll admit - intended to act as a tribute to any of the musical legends who've passed away this year.

But they seem to keep appearing. Even though, before this month, I wasn't even aware the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bobby Vee and now Prince had even released a Christmas song. Apparently this Prince track dates from 1984 and is the B side of 'I Would Die 4 U'".

On the face of it another lyric about lost love "Last night I spent another lonely Christmas / Darling you should've been there" and "Baby, you promised me you'd never leave" suddenly takes a dark turn when we hear "Then you died on the twenty-fifth day of December" and "Your father said it was pneumonia / Your mother said it was strep / But the doctor said you were dead and I say it's senseless".

Suddenly we're in a whole different song with, following this year's sad news, similar feelings.

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